Impeccable DESIGN

The Collected Home.
What interior designers often speak about when they LOVE a home.
We strive to get a collected assemblage of treasures meaningful to the homeowner.
Even if they don’t know what the heck that may be.
The style can be anything, modern, minimal, traditional etc… but it needs to F E E L like you can be transported around the globe, it needs to E N H A N C E and celebrate architectural elements and patina, CURATED and collected over time, not instant new, one note.

For more on this topic, check out this book by designer Darryl Carter,
The Collected Home.

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For a totally different look on same topic, check out Justina Blakeney’s book,
The New Bohemian.

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You can’t just walk into a furniture store and pick out a room design.
Sure you can get the basics.
For the collected home,
you need the other layers that will make your home original to you.
That’s impeccable.

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