Impeccable DESIGN

How we art.

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Artwork…collections…gallery walls…wall decor.

It’s usually the last layer to unfold and show itself in a home. And most people are uncertain what and where to put things, size and scale of what to choose, or how to properly hang everything.

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I’ve put a few photos up of our art and how we do it. Gallery walls of childhood photos. A single, inspirational quote, next to a bird on a twig. An installation of abstract art at the bottom of our stairs. And abstract art carefully placed behind stacks of books, with focus on the juxtaposition of weathered and new.

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Truly, it has all made a difference I. The life of our rooms. Now our walls reflect the occupants in the space.

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Don’t hold back. Put some life into your room. How do you art?

That’s impeccable.

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