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Rug Guide

Are your rooms suffering from inappropriate rug use/size? I’m guessing they probably are. In fact, most people purchase rugs that are too small and make their oversized furniture seem too large and overpowering for the space.

Well, last night while I was trolling the interwebs, I found these handy design guides for rugs.

The Living/Family room rug: Perhaps the biggest and most offensive rug violator of all time, and this can be found in most homes. The biggest reason to buy an oversized rug is to center and create a cohesive space that brings your design together with an area rug. Get on it people!

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For the Dining Room: Ugh! All too often, this is a design no no I see everywhere!!!

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For the bedroom: And, yes you do need a rug in the bedroom, it keeps your furniture from looking as though it is just floating out there in the open space…even if you have carpeting

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You’re welcome.
That’s impeccable.

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