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Color Me Beautiful
Have you fallen in LOVE with Farrow and Ball paints and colors?
Well, I found this amazing color match graphic that gives the Benjamin Moore equivalent (in fact the color match is identical to the eye!).
Why is this chart important?

  • Contractors and painters tend to work mostly with Benjamin Moore paints.
  • Farrow and Ball paint is a lot more expensive than Benjamin Moore. Some people can’t afford to shell out $100 for a gallon of paint. Benjamin Moore Regal Select is about half the price and it is easy to get for most people.

Here’s your color inspiration for your Wednesday (thank you English Room!):

94f053 D28d48f6af014f0c8c9258eb21e3a3ec

94f053 30f81f0fe64540a58585290c376d9ad3

94f053 08e80d36724845ddb980b53743530637

94f053 B5f734917d6a4dd0ab7c663d4424f16f

That’s impeccable!

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