Spray paint ONE

We all love to receive flowers. Flowers say “I am thinking of you.”
Yet what to do with those inexpensive clear glass vases that can collect under your sink, your cupboards, your basement…everywhere.

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Well listen up. Have we got a great D.I.Y. series for you.
Today we launch our super simple, grab a can of spray paint series of D.I.Y.

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Our first in this series of spray paint projects, deals with those florist plain wrap vases.
We will give them a bold modern look with just a can of flat black paint.
Again, this is FLAT finish. Not high gloss. We just think the flat makes this.

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Now go out there and spray to your heart’s content.
A collection of these on a table, mantel, or bookshelf would look pretty dope.
That’s impeccable.

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