Impeccable D.I.Y.: How to create salvage art

Let’s Create!  How we make a salvage art piece.


A few years ago, we attended a wonderful fun workshop during Boston Art Week.  Restoration Resources hosted a D.I.Y. Salvage workshop (and they’re one of our favorite places to “hunt”). Our lovely hosts were Amy Chenette of Vintage Vagabond and Bill Raymer and his staff from Restoration Resources. (Read more about Restoration Resources here!)  They offered great direction and knowledge and Oh! So much enthusiasm.

We had so many awesome salvage items to create our own masterpiece. What salvage art pieces did people create? Many made beautiful candlesticks, cheese boards, and clocks out of the reclaimed wood, iron and lighting parts for us to use.

It was so much fun.  Can’t wait for another event to create another salvage art piece for our home.  Maybe we will take a client with us next time.

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What is necessary to create your salvage art piece?


  1. Brushes…of different sizes and shapes.  And GLUE!  We like E6000, or Loctite has a great adhesive too.

2. Paint.  If you’re like us, there are tons of sample pots hanging around, or hit up the paint store and grab samples of colors you love.94f053 B91e30dd504d4a7ab53c0d03fd85d252 Mv2

3. Select your favorite pieces!94f053 4735ce81342244c8aec0e27e599771b5 Mv2

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Basically, you can grab all of your favorite items and create your personalized salvage art piece in an evening.  Maybe grab some friends and check out Restoration Resources in Boston.

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