Impeccable D.I.Y.: raid the clearance aisles

Last year we got smart…like super smart.

How? We saved up some of our Holiday funds and raided the clearance sections at Target(s). There were so many amazing morsels left on the shelves for 70-90% off!!!!

I mean, seriously?

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So, why is this a DIY? Well, for starters, you can pre-buy all of your wrapping and fun gift toppers for pennies on the dollar for next year. That’s what we did, and it totally paid off. We have wrapped all sorts of charming gifts for the loved ones in our lives, and we cannot WAIT to raid the clearance aisle again this year.

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It’s a DIY, not a DIYN’T…so get your groove on, and hustle muscle to your nearest Target…after us of course, this holiday season.

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That’s impeccable.

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