Impeccable D.I.Y: make your own cake stands

What do candlesticks, ashtrays, platters, plates,
and odd mismatched ceramic, glass objects have in common.
Nothing really.
That is until we give them a new life as footed cake stands.
We have always collected plates.
We love our dining room that we have lovingly filled through the years.
Some our gifts, some our family heirlooms, most have been free or from dollar tables.

Lately we love to set up teas, brunch, and family dinners with these charming mismatched DIYs.
Food looks so grand and festive when lifted on a perch, layering your table like you layer your look and decor. We hope you love them. And so easy too.
Let us show you how.

Impeccable D.i.y.1

Impeccable D.i.y.2

Impeccable D.i.y.3

Impeccable D.i.y.4
First go through your attic, your cupboards, your favorite flea or consignment and get some things to be the bottoms and plates, bowls and platters even ashtrays to be the tops.
The more unusual the better, don’t limit your self to the obvious. Candlesticks, egg cups, figurines, even overturned tea cups can make a great base.

Impeccable D.i.y.5

Impeccable D.i.y.6

Now all you have to do is fill them up with treats.

Impeccable D.i.y.7

Impeccable D.i.y.8

Impeccable D.i.y.9

Impeccable D.i.y.10

What a great centerpiece down your holiday table.
Or what a wonderful hostess gift.
That’s impeccable.

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