Impeccable D.I.Y.: faux real

We just hated our plain wrap, Home Depot contractor special tile in our laundry room.
I mean it is functional. It covers the floor and all. But it is U. G. L. Y., ugly.
Sometimes though it just doesn’t make fiscal sense to tear something up and replace.
Is there something else you can do to the existing tile to make it liveable?

Impeccable .1

Yes my friends there is. PAINT!
If you have time and patience you can paint you tile floor.
First steps, clean floor of dust and grim.
Then lay down a coat of primer. We used one that is a super bonder.

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Impeccable .3

Impeccable .4

Next put down your base coat. We used black.
Now from here you cold actually stop right there if you only wanted a solid look.
We wanted the look of mosaic tile so we bought a stencil that fit the size of our tile.
Cutting Edge Stencil has some great stencils.

Or go ahead and do your own thing. Spatter paint. Stripes. Leopard.

Once you are done with your design, cover with a couple coats of poly.

TIPS: let each coat of paint dry completely before moving on and if using stencils, skip every other and let dry before stenciling next to each other.

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Impeccable .9 480x360
We can’t wait to show you the finished laundry room makeover.
These stenciled tile floors will be the star. Don’t you agree?94f053 041f3c323ec34f90af16b0646eb77e81 Mv2

Impeccable .11

Did we mention this was done with a couple of toddlers and a dog under foot.
Just another GSD project.

That’s impeccable.

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