Impeccable D.I.Y.: dresser makeover, great idea, poor execution.

We had this very plain chest of drawers. It was purchased many, many years ago from one of those unfinished wood stores. It has through the years been redone and redone. My sister covered it once with Seventeen magazine pics of her fashion idols Mary Kate and Ashley and other teenage heartthrob stuff. So yes, this chest of drawers has been through it’s share of D.I.Y.
So with all of our “just paint it white” talk, why would we consider going rogue now?

Cuz, why the heck not.
Sometimes it is just fun to add a little pizzaz.

Wait. wait. aDon’t get too excited
It didn’t quite turn out like we wanted.
Yep not all of our D.I.Y. work. This was a big flop.

We almost considered not even posting until we could at least try and fix it.
In the end we chose to show our flawed work and besides we still think the idea was really good. The paint and taping off just didn’t work well.
We are confident you should try it yourself and give it ago.

I mean, “go big or go home” is what we always say.







Yep, despite our disappointment with the results,
we do think it would have been fabulous if the paint did not bleed.
So great idea…that we will try and fix.
Not everything we try works out…but nothing ventured, nothing gained.
That’s impeccable.

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