Impeccable D.I.Y

We have been getting major props for our D.I.Y posts, thank you!
Here is another roadside find that just needed a bit of love and creativity.
Now it is a one-of-a-kind piece.

Mantel Headboard.

  • sand and paint mantel (optional).
  • plywood (cut to fit mantel opening).
  • batting and fabric (wrap plywood and staple).

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94f053 630ee25bc56d4cc6af6dea822cfb19d4 Mv2 D 2448 3264 S 4 2Impeccable Sa.3

Impeccable Sa.4

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Impeccable Sa.7

Impeccable Sa.894f053 837f1a1a303e492d9689af9707d35f3d Mv294f053 C2bed5f5a5894202a55e9cc9e0450ba2 Mv2

So easy and so charming.
That’s impeccable.

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