Impeccable D.I.Y.: gourd plantings

We saw these lovely gourd plantings at our favorite plant store, Terrain.

And we thought, hey, maybe we can make them.

Do you suffer from that too? Thinking you can make something you see in the stores.

We do. And honestly sometimes we can and sometimes we end up with an epic fail.

This one however, was a great success. And so easy peasy too.
We didn’t buy one when we were there (which we usually recommend so that you have something to help with the process) but we did pick up some Tilly Tacker that they used to make these lovely gourd plantings. Here is what we did.

Today We Are Following Our Own Advice.1

First collect your gourd of choice.
Then go out in your garden and your friendly neighborhood Michaels or other craft store to pick up some moss, branches dried flowers to glue to the top of your gourd. We just used flowers from an old arrangement we received recently which was ready to be tossed but we noticed some things had dried quite nicely. So we didn’t have to purchase anything extra. How great is that.

Today We Are Following Our Own Advice.2

Today We Are Following Our Own Advice.3

Today We Are Following Our Own Advice.4

Today We Are Following Our Own Advice.5

The hardest part of this project is knowing when to stop. Too much or too little and recognizing when it is done is always key.

Today We Are Following Our Own Advice.6

What a great Thanksgiving centerpiece or hostess gift.
Can’t you just see these on each of your guests plates on Thanksgiving?
And Oh, what a great take home gift at the end of the evening…
“I am so thankful you are in my life”.

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