Impeccable BEFORE & AFTER

Young professional couple with three VERY active children.
New home yet have no idea as to what to do but know it should be “decorated”

Kid-friendly with a nod to “grown-up”
Easy to maintain.
Comfortable place to have family meals and entertain friends.
Very budget conscious.

Does this client sound familiar?
Heck we’ve all been there.
Not sure what to do with your space.
Not quite sure you know what your style is?
Afraid your children will destroy anything “good”.
Besides, you don’t have the extra cash, you think, for a designer.

But you need help.

Here is what we did.
For that grown up look, we added some pillows to dress up family favorite couch.
New furniture plan outlined area for adult conversation and play area.
Baskets for easy toy clean up.
New lighting and art work for updated yet casual feel.


Impeccable Before Z.1

Impeccable Before Z.2

Impeccable Before Z.3

Impeccable Before Z.4

Impeccable Before Z.5

Impeccable Before Z.6

Impeccable Before Z.7

This is a space that will grow with this family.
We kept within their tight budget and met all of their immediate needs.
That’s impeccable.

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