How to update your home so it matters

We get asked all the time what should we do to update our home?

Home Updates

Sometimes its in reference to resale, and other times? It’s just to enjoy as a homeowner. But we recently came across this article in the NY Times that references “hottest terms” searched for in real estate…So naturally, we checked it out. And it was pretty interesting.

But before we go there, this is what we’ve noticed.

Most of the homes that are on the market (in our area, Southern New Hampshire) are dated. Period. And what we find is that our buyers in the area want the houses to be completely renovated, brand new, move in/instagram ready. But they’re not. And that comment doesn’t mean they’re bad…it means, they need some work. Which is something most people don’t want to do, nor do they really consider doing when it comes time to buying a house.

I mean, buying a house is one of the single largest ticket items people will ever make in their lives…right? We get it, people want this purchase to be perfect. However, in a market of ever changing trends, full of different buyers, and limited budgets it’s the equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack.

According to the NY Times, here’s the list of terms people are using for their home search (based on house prices too!):

Home updates
Home updates

Here’s our observations…

Don’t wait to put in those hardwood floors…or don’t wait to refinish them!

That will go far, no matter what price your home is selling at. Plus, you get to enjoy them too. This is money very well spent.

What are some other things we notice? People obviously want space, but they are also looking for updated kitchens…notice the trend of “gourmet”, granite countertops, and finally: stainless steel appliances. Yep, you should really consider renovating your kitchen before you put it on the market. We would even encourage you to renovate a few years before so that you can enjoy it. Why? Well, we renovated our kitchen right before we sold the house…and we owned the home for almost 20 years before we did anything.

Ugh, we are shaking our heads at ourselves…if we only enjoyed the finished spaces a little longer. Which is why we are doing the kitchen here NOW, and refinished the floors one the first floor within the first 6 months.

We saw how vital it was…not just for the house, but for ourselves too.

We think that you should always be working on your home…always making improvements.

And sure, we don’t think it always needs to be done with resale in mind, but these lists? Well, they’re kinda in line with what we recommend to many of our clients. Refreshes, renovations, whatever they may be it is so beneficial to update and upgrade the surfaces of your home. Need some help? Let’s help you create a blueprint to make your home YOURS.

Here’s some of our favorite things from Home Depot to update your home too:

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