How to style a coffee table


Coffee tables, like bookcases, are a great canvas for displaying some of your favorite things.

How to style a coffee table

And like bookcases, we are often asked for a “how to” guide for styling a coffee table. To get that insta ready look, you know one that says “no effort at all yet so cool and chic”. It’s all about looking collected and layered, but not cluttered.

Step one: Set the foundation. Remove everything off the table and place your larger items: like the coffee table books and large trays. Trays are a great way to help organize your table top. Depending on the size of your coffee table, divide the surface area into sections. This is where books are really great to add to a tabletop, our rule of thumb? Don’t stack more than 3 in each pile…you want to add height, but books should remain in stacks of 3 (this is size dependent).

How to style a coffee table

Step two: Consider one statement piece, something eye-catching. Think about items that will give some height to your display. Do you have an awesome vase that catches the eye? A collection of ginger jars? A candelabra? This will draw the eye up, and will only enhance your gorg coffee table.

How to style a coffee table

Step Three: Add some decorative trinkets, like boxes, candles, sculptural items, bowl of match sticks, or anything that you collect. If you have used a large tray, place items within the tray to emphasize the layered idea and keep things from getting too messy and hodgepodge.

How to style a coffee table

Final step: Add natural elements like plants, fresh cut flowers, branches, or shells. But don’t go over board. You’ll want to create levels of interest and for sure, mix finishes, like rustic with refined, but too much isn’t good here. Stand back and assess. You will want to still see the coffee table.

We’ve been busy working on our own coffee table, in fact we just bought this one form Serena & Lily. We’ve been working our own coffee table vignette game at home at our #anewhorizon and encourage you all to follow us on instagram.

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