Hotel Luxe…Mood Board Monday

Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn…Say What?

I mean, who doesn’t enjoy staying at a hotel?  Especially one that screams hotel luxe…we totes do…

Mood Board Monday

In fact, my girls are BEGGING to go to a hotel/motel soon.  They love getting away, and escaping to somewhere new.  And why not?  Usually the beds are super comfy, great linens, glam furnishings (which is totally NOT the style in my own home), and a style that is fun and different than your own home.  We recently stayed at an Autograph Collection hotel in Columbus, Ohio, and we loved it.  The Hotel Leveque…super dope.

Now, let’s get down to business…it is Mood Board Monday.

Let’s create our own hotel-luxe inspired space.

It all starts with a statement piece, and we are soo digging a velvet sofa to be our anchor piece to our room.  Follow it up with a bitchin’ pagoda style pendant light (because you need to make a statement on the ceiling too), neutral side tables, with a hint of metal, and an amazingly soft, beautiful sofa to pull the room all together.  Here’s what we’ve found:

Pendant/Sofa/Rug/Coffee Table/Bookcase/Side Table/Books 

Here’s how hotel luxe was put together with Farrow & Ball’s Crowmarty as our wall paint:

Inspiration Board

Oh, and don’t forget a perfect stack of coffee table books and flowers!


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