Home Office: Where all the magic happens

When one of your tribe members have an ask, “can I photograph your home office?”

You say, “heck yes, happy to do so!” Even if, it’s not exactly insta-ready.

Kristin Hardwick Photography wanted to photograph our home office space as part of her branding package she offers professionals. Please go to her site to learn all the details. She is a powerhouse of a motivator/photographer.

Back to us though.
We said yes, and frankly it gave us a chance to really think about our working space.
To be honest, we never had a design in mind.
The space kinda morphed into itself.

We have always referred to the room as the BIG room.
We watch TV there.
It is where we keep our “mess” out of sight from the rest of the house.
With children it has become “their” room too.
So it is very multifunction.
It is where we work but we never imagined it to be photo worthy.

Amazing how we always underestimate ourselves.

This simple and unexpected ask, got us to look at ourselves differently and with more confidence.

So although we offered our room to “help” a friend/colleague,
we really gained a lot for ourselves.

A bit of advice.

Don’t wait for opportunity to knock.
Always keep your eyes open to possibilities
and sometimes you just need to look right at home.

Ready to spruce up your office space?


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