Hold that Thought…we’ll be right back! We’re taking a break

We need a break.

Everyone needs a break, a little R&R, as well as some inspiration…and that’s just what we are going to do.  In fact, we have signed ourselves up for TWO amazing conferences that we are super excited for. This was a ladies only, no kids trip. And those that know my staunch breast feeding, same bed sleeping, child rearing regime are probably thinking “how in the heck is she going to leave her kids for 10 days?”  All we can say is that we were seriously just days away from that plan: pumping and milk storage had begun, bottles were purchased, design hubby scheduled his last two weeks of paternity to stay home with his children, in-laws were at the ready to help…and then we caved.

We kept telling ourselves that it was unfair to August, since he hasn’t had his first year trip to California like the girls had. We were also telling ourselves that the design hubby needs to see Palm Springs which is so much a part of our history. AND the girls needed to see the dinosaurs in Cabazon. AND a date shake just won’t taste as sweet without sharing it will ALL OF THEM.

Actually, the list goes on and on of what we were telling ourselves about why we weren’t going on a very well deserved, no kids allowed, business trip. But the fact of the matter is, we just can’t quit them.

Design hubby and all three amigos are coming.


So, where are we off to?

We are off to the Alt Summit in Palm Springs this weekend.  Ahhhh…the land of palm trees and sun!  Such a treat after being stuck in New Hampshire this winter.  Our feet are desperate to break up with our Uggs and winter boots.  It’s time to break out the sandals, and get a pedicure.

But, back to Alt Summit…This is where we are headed:Hold that Thought...we'll be right back

Hold that Thought...we'll be right back

This year the conference is being held at the Saguaro in Palm Springs.  The perfect location for influences, bloggers and social media stars to get their instagram on and learn. If you are interested you can still get all the exciting information from the conference on line. Go here to learn more. Or live vicariously through us…jk. We’d love to all go together next year. Save the date!  Don’t worry, we will be instagramming and insta-storying the shit out of this conference.  You’ll feel as though you were with us.

After that, we will enjoy a break with our family in California going to our favorite places, and hanging out in our home town (we may even enjoy a trip to Disney!  Shhhh!  It’s a surprise).  But then…off to Beverly Hills.

It’s time for the Design Bloggers Conference.

Hold that thought...we'll be right back

Yes, time to go hang with our peeps at the Beverly Hilton, get inspired with those we totally adore and admire. (Hello!  Pencil and Paper Co!  We are talking about you!).  We have some friends that we will be meeting up with in Beverly Hills, and new online friends we’ve met along the way to catch up with.  In fact, it’s an amazing opportunity for us to brainstorm and focus on our brand.  So, we’re looking forward to this conference as a break from our business to focus ON our business.  As a small business owner, it is really easy to get caught up working in it that you forget where you are going.  So…we’ve got some big plans that we are looking forward to work on for 2018.

This is an amazing opportunity for us and our business, which is why we are taking a much needed break from the blog the next couple weeks so we can get inspired, and get our mojo going again.  And doesn’t absence make the heart grow fonder?

We think so.  Catch you on the flip.


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