Blogger’s Design Paradise: HGTV Blogger Block Party

Headed to the 2017 HGTV Blogger Block Party? We’ll see you there!

We are super excited to be attending the HGTV Blogger Block Party at the end of August and we can’t wait to share our experiences with you!

Where interior design and blogging meet…

Little did we know how integral social media and community building are in getting traction for our business. Since then, we have really embraced social media, specifically blogging (as you can tell, since you’re reading it right now!). We love writing about our thoughts on all things design, lifestyle, inspiration, and collecting.

Impeccable Nest blogger office

We love being able to share with our readers the latest trends that we’re seeing, ideas that we’re loving, and designs that we’re executing. Through our attempts at social media, we have had wonderful opportunities to really build our community and make genuine friends from all over the country!

Being an entrepreneur with your own business can feel lonely and isolating at times. Through blogging, we’ve been able to foster real connections with our fellow designers and bloggers and business owners!

Why are we going to the Block Party?

Although we love blogging, we’re still pretty new at this and are by no means experts. We are always learning, and that is why we are excited to rub elbows with our design blog gurus! The HGTV Blogger Block Party is an event that brings together design bloggers from all over. It’s the ideal chance to learn from and network with each other. Guest speakers from the design blogging community come to share their tips and secrets on a variety of topics and we can’t wait to hear what suggestions they have!

Joy Cho Blogger

This year’s biggest name is Joy Cho, from Oh Joy! blog and she’ll be there to share the success story of her blog.

Can’t make it? We’ll take you behind the scenes!

Stay tuned with us on Instagram (@impeccable_nest) and on the blog for all the juicy details about our trip and this social media mixer! PAR-TAY!

In the meantime, take a peek at our blog post on Le Cou Cou, a deliciously designed NYC restaurant.


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