Happy Birthday Prudence

Happy Birthday Prudence Sparrow!


Happy Birthday Prudence.1

This year we did something so special to celebrate our little girls 4th birthday.  We went to NYC!

We were able to round up our family and head into the Big Apple to share all of the birthday girls favorites: the color pink, noodles, and tea!  “Pinkalicious” was playing at a local community theater, we ate “noonies” (her favorite) at Parm on the Upper West Side, and had a magical Unicorn birthday cake from Magnolia Bakery.  It was amazing.


We also toasted the girl with tea and scones at Alice’s Tea Cup, her favorite NYC spot.  But mostly, we spent our time with scooter rides through Central Park, balloons, ice cream and more cake.

I am sure we can make that wish come true.

We celebrated.  We scootered.  And enjoyed that Unicorn cake with this sweet little girl.  Thank you for choosing us, here’s what we love most about you.

I love:

  • Your sweet smile.
  • Your giggle.
  • That you choose to read the same book every night until you know the words.
  • How you play with your sister.
  • The way you love your family.

Dear Prudence, we have so loved watching you soar. Happy Birthday!

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