Happy Birthday Odette! You’re 5!

Odette Starling is 5!
Our first week home with Odette.
Odette Starling is 5

My sweet Odette Starling…she was born in the middle of a snow storm. In fact, that winter was a particularly snowy one. Blizzards, and snow storms weekly, so it’s no surprise that she was born during one…actually I went into labor on my due date, February 9th, but we missed it by 24 minutes.

Odette Starling is 5!

Odette loves that story. Especially since I go on to say she has magic powers just like Elsa. Who wouldn’t love that little story.

Needless to say, our lives have been full since she came bouncing into this world. Her zeal and zest for life is contagious. She’s such a fashion maven, with impeccable accessorizing.

Odette Starling is 5!

We celebrated our Odette Starling last weekend at a super fun art space down in Boston called Minni. We aren’t really BIG on birthday parties (since we just celebrate with our family and maybe a friend), but we are BIG on celebrating. Minni was perfect for our family celebration. An open, creative space with two people leading art activities AND we don’t get to create the mess at home? Sign us up.

Odette is 5

The best part? We got to choose the theme of the party, and it was all about Slime. Everything she ever wanted.

We LOVED our day at Minni. We cannot recommend it enough! And plus, we always welcome a trip down to Boston. Our sweet girl had a wonderful birthday, and here’s some of her favorite things we will share with you.

Now, to prepare for next month’s birthday

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