Happy Birthday to our Design Hubby

Celebrating the design hubby…

Design Hubby

Wishing this guy…our Design Hubby, the happiest of birthdays.  He deserves it.  In fact, I’m sure he thinks he will get a day where his services are not necessary, however he won’t.  This man is central to our success.  In fact, behind every strong woman, or every strong team, there has to be a great man supporting them along the way.  Our team is no exception.

Our design hubby works hard during the day, and is an awesome father to his three kids.  He also helps us out by being the muscle behind every design, and indulging us in every crazy, hair-brained idea we come up with.  He is our biggest cheerleader, and promoter of our business.  It’s hard to find a design hubby that is okay being second to a dynamic duo, but this one allows this team to shine.

If you want to know just how awesome he really is, check out this ode to our design hubby from Father’s Day

But for reals, what would we do without our design hubby?

You make my coffee every morning (the first AND second cup), are a great father to our kids, and help us demo our house and make it better.  I wish that I could renovate a bathroom for your birthday (oh wait, we are!), but I think we will have to settle with a great homemade dinner and carrot cake to celebrate with your family.

Cheers to 38!

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