Happy Birthday August! You’re 1!

Happy First Birthday, August Wren!Img 1295

You are officially 1 today, at 8:28am.

Where has the time gone?

You certainly took your time coming into this world, and turned our family from four to FIVE!  Your entrance into this world was crazy, but you’ve added an important piece to our little family. But here’s what I really love…

I love:

  • Your kisses.
  • The way you look your sisters.
  • Playing “Peek a boo” with you and hearing you squeal with delight!
  • Watching you observe the world.
  • How you’ve changed into a little toddler, grabbing toys, and moving them around the room.
  • Your sweet momma snuggles.
  • How you love to eat a banana, first thing in the morning.  It makes you complete.

I am so happy to be your momma.

I remember the day you were born, so clearly.  It was such a long day, but the best part was seeing you, and welcoming you into this world.

Thank you for letting us celebrate you this past weekend…we enjoyed our time at the New England Aquarium.  Never forget your interest in the world around you.  Stay curious, and focused on the world surrounding you.  You have so much to learn my sweet boy.

Happy Birthday August! You're 1!

My sweet boy, we wish you the best!  Happiest of birthdays my sweet little bird…

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