Halloween Candy Charcuterie Board

What’s a candy charcuterie board?

Well, much like the crowd-pleasing party favorite, the charcuterie board, with it’s beautiful display of meats and cheeses.  The candy charcuterie board is very similar.  And it’s making it’s way onto the party circuit.

At least on Instagram it is.

Halloween Candy Charcuterie Board


If you’re thinking of hosting a Halloween party, wouldn’t it be a great platter? Who can resist a platter of delectable candy? To get started on one for ourselves, we headed out to one of our favorite places for “pretty” candy, World Market. We also found some other items to help make your candy platter perfect.

Like this board, and this one, this one and even this one. Add a scary bowl like this one and you’ll be all set.

We found everything here at Cost Plus World Market. If you need step by step instructions, cupcakes and cashmere had an expert help her.

Hmmm, maybe we’ll make one for Pumpkinfest. Oh, we might have forgotten to mention Pumpkinfest, probably because it has been touch and go if we were going to have it or not (design hubby was not a fan). Sure, he liked the idea of having friends over to share a cinnamon sugar rimmed glass of pumpkin beer. Duh! He was maybe opposed to the face painting, pumpkin painting, bounce house carnival scene we had cooked up. Well, the girls are totally down with it. So it’s a go for now…at least if the weather holds up.

Fingers crossed for pumpkinfest this weekend. Hope you have something fun planned for this weekend too!


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