A New Horizon: How to Guide to Decorating a New Home.

Guide to decorating a new home.

Guide to Decorating


Moving into a new home, even if it is your dream home, is stressful.

Let’s face it.  Even if you are moving everything from your previous home into your new home, it is all going to be different, and may not work. (Read more about our move here) You will never replicate what you had and make it work like it did in your previous home. Not to worry. It isn’t all bad news. All you need is a plan.

Here is the guide we follow…

It might save you some headaches and lessen the stress of the move.

White paint: Nothing feels cleaner and fresher than a coat of white paint.  Our favorite is Benjamin Moore White Dove.

Guide to Decorating

It’s creamy, warm, and still “white.”  Have you seen our post about white paint?  Check it out, you will definitely find the right color for your home there.

Nothing new: Yep, don’t buy anything new.  We really had to hold back the first few weeks because we tried all of our furniture, items we had in storage everywhere throughout the house.  Why?  Because you NEVER know what is going to work.  And we did a little Kon Mari of our things too.  Since this is our “dream home” we ONLY wanted items we loved in the space, so a lot of trial and error had to occur.  Plus, how many times do we get stuck placing our furniture in the exact same spot as the previous owners?  We hadn’t even had a chance to see how we live in the space.  So, it’s an important time to watch and observe “how” you live.

Surfaces.  Look at all the surfaces in your house.  What do you want them to look like?  Well, we produced some moodboards for some rooms in order to create a cohesive look throughout the home.  Because let’s face it, nothing is worse than a crazy, multi-themed home.  We are big fans of creating a cohesive space where a color story is told throughout.  Here’s our “surface” story we’ve created for two spaces in our new house.  It uses both old and new items we have/want for our home.

And last, but not least…

Little Luxuries: This may seem to be in conflict with what we said earlier, but hear us out.  We told you not to buy anything, and here we are going to tell you to buy some little luxuries.  Why?  Well, they will help you feel settled in some parts of the house.

For us that meant a new round area rug in our entry.  Here’s the one we got at Cost Plus World Market, or this one is good too.

Guide to Decorating

We also purchased some adirondack chairs…because they’re too perfect for the front yard.  As well as some chairs for the pool area too.  And we definitely purchased linen sheets from…H&M!  It’s the greatest score out there…pick some up for yourself today.  Remember, we said these were little luxuries.  Something to enjoy while you figure out the final design direction of the home.

Because, don’t worry…we are 6 months into living at our #anewhorizon, and we have settled on a few things…and we CANNOT WAIT TO SHARE!!!!  Are you following us on instagram?  We share more up to date information there.


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