Glass Block. Stay in the 80s? Or Making a Come Back?

Yep…we went there.

In fact, we’ve read some articles that glass block may even making a come back…but let’s ask ourselves: should it? We aren’t so sure.

Glass Block

On the one hand, we get WHY people choose it, and we get the reasons to use it. However, it’s not exactly a trend we want to see everywhere. Especially in bathrooms or other small spaces. In our humble opinion, it’s not being done big enough!

Glass Block

Which is why we are sharing these spaces with you below. Glass block has been done in new and innovative ways. Really exploring and using glass to the fullest! I mean, check out that Chanel store in Amsterdam…it’s the best example of marrying two different design eras together in the modern world. And yet, it’s a totally classic design element too. Steeped in the brutalist architectural movement, it has a 1920s throwback, or Bauhaus effect, and yet totally modern.

Now, while we don’t plan on using any glass block in the near future, if we had the chance to create an amazing wall of glass, it could look like those we shared. However, we will continue to keep our walls covered in tile in the bathrooms with one pane of glass.

Glass Block

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