Live impeccably: Girl Power

Girl power, baby!

We love to find great products, good design, one of a kind cool things but mostly we love to find causes we can get behind. We want to stand for something and we want to pass this passion and conviction on to our children. Last Saturday night we found a new cause that Impeccable Nest is so excited to support, Girls at Work.

Girls At Work.2

At the fundraiser evening event, DIVA Comedy Night, we learned about this powerful organization for at risk girls. Through the use of power tools and building materials, girls learn to lose their fear and gain power in themselves. “It isn’t the tools that have the power, they are just tools. The power is in the person. We teach girls to believe in their power”.

Girls At Work.3

It was a late night for this third trimester mama but it was a great evening of laughs from comedians Cindy Pierce and Sue Schmidt and the amazing music from Endless Tricks. This band of feminists have the most beautiful soulful voices and get this they are only teenagers. Wow this evening was so inspiring and hopeful. Life is beautiful. So glad I was able to put off the always tempting early pj night and stay up. It was worth the swollen feet and the stuffed sausage feel of “real” clothes. Please take some time and check out this organization and these talented performers, you will NOT be disappointed. That’s impeccable.

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