Victorian Gingerbread Trimmed Houses: Love them or Leave them

Victorian houses with gingerbread trim are charming, romantic, and excessive.

Despite falling a bit out of fashion, there are plenty of passionate Victorian admirers still around today. Love it or leave it…a bit over the top for ya, these fairytale inspired abodes are always eye-catching.

We recently visited the Gingerbread Cottages at Martha’s Vineyard Oak Bluffs Campground. entering the campground is like walking into a candy shop, you are instantly transformed back to your childhood fantasy. As you walk the paths that take you through the campground, you pass through a kaleidoscope of exquisite colors, woodwork and patterns – fleur de lis, loops and swags, creative cutouts, sunbursts, elegant scrolls. There isn’t a wrong way or right way to decorate these cottages. More is more in the land of make-believe.

If you ever get the chance, take a stroll through this Gingerbread Cottage Campground. Whether you like Victorian style or not, the child in you will thank you. If your a fan of Victorian style, here is a Mood Board Monday that will inspire you.




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