Get your ANTHRO on


O. M. G. Have we missed our beloved Anthropologie.
Our apologies Anthropologie, being busy is no excuse to go
so long without a visit to our favorite haven.
Since we chatting about the Bohemian look this week, no one, in our opinion,
does it better than Anthro.
As we always exclaim, we could live in these stores.
Bohemian style lovers must come here to get inspiration.

Here are just a few items that caught our eye on our recent visit.
Remember EVERYTHING is for sale.
So look past the clothes and notice the furniture, creative fixtures and artwork too.
This place is a feast for your Bohemian loving eye and soul.
Textures, textiles, graphic, creative, global…casual and fun.

Get Your Anthro On.1

Get Your Anthro On.2

Get Your Anthro On.3

Get Your Anthro On.4

Get Your Anthro On.5

Get Your Anthro On.6

Get Your Anthro On.7

Get Your Anthro On.8

Get Your Anthro On.9

Get Your Anthro On.10

Get Your Anthro On.11

Get Your Anthro On.12

Get Your Anthro On.13

Get Your Anthro On.14

Get Your Anthro On.15

Let us help you “get your ANTHRO on”.
That’s impeccable.

That's Impeccable!

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