You need this: Lingua Franca Sweaters



We have a major girl crush on Rachelle Hruska.  She’s totes our gal, for a few reasons.

  1.  She has created the beyond bitchin’ sweaters you have seen on all your favorites.
  2. She’s a total #momboss (and you know we are BIG fans of those).  She’s been interviewed by The Glow, twice, and is a mover and shaker according to Veronica Beard’s blog  
  3. She has another awesome website called Guest of a Guest
  4. She’s amazing!  And I totally asked (and received) a Lingua Franca sweater for my birthday.  Definitely part of the #resistance now!

We’ve done some research about #momboss Rachelle, and we have discovered that she is just like us.  In fact, her family is central to her business and her life.  They are never too far away, and her sons can be found in her office, working with her.  Just. Like.  Us.

Every single day is an adventure.

She’s totally right.  Every single day is an adventure.  Her ideas are right in line with ours, and we LOVE how she has created an empire of awesomeness.  Rachelle, we are some of your biggest fans, we will be collecting these bitchin’ sweaters, and wearing them with pride.

Go out and get them today!

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