Buy custom instead of just Pottery Barn.

Everyone loves Pottery Barn.

Yet, did you know you can get custom furnishings from your designer? Sure, they have in-store designers to help you get your Pottery Barn look…with everything single item from within Pottery Barn walls. Yuck!

Also I bet you never thought you were getting ripped off.

Heck, we go to all of the retailers to see what is happening too. We want to know what the public is wanting. But we also have the opportunity to go directly to the showrooms and get our clients the highest quality, made-to-order furnishings and home accessories.

For all of you that think that hiring an interior designer and getting custom furnishings is WAY too expensive, let us give you the real deal.

Think of retail like fast food. Sure it is fast, YOU “think” it is cheaper, and it fills your belly. Now, let’s look at To-the-Trade (sold to designers only) which we like to call Farm to Table.   It is local. Exceptional quality. Made just for you.

When you buy from retail like Pottery Barn, West Elm, Restoration Hardware, Serena and Lily, you pay their markup of their mass produced products. Often these products are made cheaply in China. As for the free shipping, typically they have already rolled that into their markup. So it ain’t free. What kind of markups are we talking about? What if we said they can be as high as 3000%. No lie. Sure, designers can sometimes get a nominal discount to pass on to you but not always.

So what is To-the-Trade.

To-the-Trade is custom, handcrafted, unique or made to look just like what the retailers are showing, yet higher quality, made in America or Europe. Most will have a lifetime warranty. Does this mean more money? Absolutely not! Because we are purchasing directly from the manufacturer, To-the-Trade is not available to the public, only to designers. Custom may take longer, but it will sure last longer than a retail, mass produced sofa.

Go ahead and show us the must have look that you’ve seen in the scores of retail catalogs we all receive and dream about…but let us do our thang for you and get your room made directly from the manufacturer. You will not be disappointed and it will not break the bank.

Now do you still think you can’t afford an interior designer?


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