A New Horizon: Gallery walls created with Minted

First up? Paint and Hang a Gallery wall.

Okay, I know, why focus on a gallery wall when we’ve just moved into the #anewhorizon?

Gallery Walls We Love.2
Hang them up, lean them against a wall…either way, get ready to layer and finally get something up on your walls!

Well, the short answer is, we really needed to make this house feel like our home.  So first, we painted all the walls white (Ben Moore White Dove for the win!), and then we started to unwrap all of our favorite art pieces. (Priorities, people!)  Since the rooms and walls felt a bit foreign to us, we needed to add a little bit of our personality into the space.

Second, we’ve teamed up with Minted to share some new art to our gallery wall collection, and we want to share with you our favorites.  *This post was created for Minted, the words are our own, and we will receive a small commish if you choose to buy, at no additional cost to you.

Why Minted?

Um…why not?  No, seriously though, Minted is our go to for all our stationary needs: calendars, cards (think holiday, baby announcements (they’ve done all my baby announcements), and now…ART!  The best part about Minted art?  It’s quick, it’s easy, and there is a HUGE selection to choose from!  And an even better part is that you can customize the frames and prints for your home.  So naturally, we are interested.

Art is something that most people are afraid of adding to their home, or it’s something they feel is unaffordable.  In fact, WE were those people too!  But overtime, our confidence in selecting art has grown, and we just pick things out we like, get them framed and enjoy.  I know, what a concept!

This is where Minted is really helpful.  There are some great framed prints, limited edition artwork, and you can create your own by making photo collages, and framing your kids art (which is on our holiday gift list!).  However, selecting our favorite piece turned out to be one of the hardest decisions for us…there’s so much to choose from!  But we love our framed masterpiece.

Feather Step Modern by Amantha Tsaros

We love COLOR

When we moved into this house, the first thing we did was create a blank color palatte by painting the walls white.  They were shades of gray, a little tired, and ready for a fresh coat.  It is when we committed ourselves to painting everything a fresh white, that we were able to see how much color we had for our home.  Once we started to add our artwork to each room, we were in love with all of the color that found its way to the walls, which led us to checking out how we could add more.

What’s really interesting about this process of creating a new home (because let’s face it, that’s what we’re doing…CREATING), it became evident that we are really drawn to abstract, and large bold graphics, which is why we chose this piece.  It’s beautiful: soothing, calming, yet still bold with the great green background.  We love it.  However, there were so many to choose from!

Here are some of our Minted favorites.

Check out some of the pieces that made it to our short list (don’t worry, they aren’t totally off the table yet!  There are many walls to cover in this house!).  If you choose any of these prints, be sure to share with us on instagram and use the #thatsimpeccable and tag us (and @minted) too!

We love a good black and white graphic print like this, this, and this!

And for a pop of fun color, how about this, this , this ,and this too!

And sometimes you just want to say it with words, like this, this, and this.

Oh, my how could we forget this, this, and this!






But wait!  Back to us…

Since moving into our #anewhorizon our biggest struggle was to make this home OURS.  As we stated, we are creating a home (our dream home in fact), so how could we do that?  Well, time to bust out one of our old favorites: the gallery wall.  Remember this beauty at our old house?  Time to dream up a new way to display everything…

gallery wall


Gallery walls that inspire

Gallery walls are such a great way to express who you are, and what you love; plus they’re fun to build up over time and see how they develop and evolve. Gallery walls break so many rules and allows such a free flow of expression. We say “go for it.”  Here are some that we’ve LOVED and that have inspired our gallery wall obsession.


Gallery Walls We Love.1
Vintage Island/Ocean scenes totally bring this collection together and make a statement.
Gallery Walls We Love.3
Beautiful modern artwork and prints give the illusion of large scale artwork, but with a cohesive theme.
Gallery Walls We Love.4
What a fun way to draw attention to a stairwell! Love the modern punches of color.
Gallery Walls We Love.5
Great landscapes in vintage frames creates a great feel to this classic design.
Gallery Walls We Love.6
A personal favorite. The late Kate Spade’s apartment. There is so much to love here, but most especially the gallery wall(s).
Gallery Walls We Love.7
The late Kate Spade’s apartment breaks all of the rules when it comes to decorating, and that is what makes it charming. Precious art hung on doors and on the walls create a perfect, feel for this space. PS. LOVE the black doors!


Our gallery wall is still a work in progress, but we are loving how much fun it is to dream up a new way to display our fantastic collection, including our new piece from Minted. While we are still trying to figure out the best place to hang our new artwork, we realize the possibilities are endless, and we need another blog update!  In the meantime, check out this post and this post for more inspo.

But for now, we are enjoying her in our sweet powder room!Minted


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