Friday Impeccable Finds: Designer tip to keep rugs flat.

Hey there! It’s Friday. You know what that means.  It’s time for our impeccable finds.

Or what was previously known as 5 Things Friday. Same great stuff just without the specific number of things that we find great. They will always be great…and yes, impeccable!

This week is more of a designer tip and trick rather than fashion or home decor. It’s something many designers keep in their designer toolbox. It is definitely something we often get asked about to troubleshoot or something we wrangle with on the job site.

What is it?


Want to keep your rugs flat?  Well, it’s something to help you when dealing with those pesky curling rug corners. Or those rugs that slide around and move out of place. If you’ve used rug tape, you know they don’t really solve the problem and worse yet, they can leave a residual mark on the flooring underneath the rug.  Trust us, we’ve been there.  And…It’s just not happening anymore.

Especially thanks to our new designer tip.


Hold on…you’ll be super psyched.

Think you can handle this?

Look at how your rug can go with this little awesome find:

Friday Impeccable Finds: Designer tip to keep rugs flat.


Oh yes.  It’s AMAZING!!!!

It’s the X-Protector Rug Gripper.  BUY THEM TODAY!!!!  No, seriously.  BUY THEM NOW!  Here’s the link…they’re on Amazon, so you know you’ll get them, like, tomorrow, and we get a small commish.  (At no extra cost to you!).  They come in 8 pieces, or 16 pieces.  We say the more the merrier!

Here’s how they work:

Hopefully this tip will give you one more reason why hiring a designer can help you love and enjoy your home. For more reasons, read this post about why to hire an interior designer.

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