Friday Impeccable Finds: Geoffroy Mottart flowers

April showers bring May flowers…and allergies!


This weekend, we will be busy giving back to our Building on Hope project (details available here), and will celebrate Mother’s Day and allergies with 100 of our closest friends.  Painting, drywalling, installing built-ins…you know, the usual.  We are going to be dreaming of the outdoors and flowers.

And while we are battling those allergies, and celebrating ourselves this weekend, we have found something amazing.  Truly, one of a kind amazing. It goes to prove that flowers don’t have to be just in a bouquet or found in the garden.  In fact, we would brave the outdoors this month (I mean, those allergies are BAD!) to sneak a peek at a Geoffroy Mottart installation.

Actually, this is how we want our Mother’s Day flowers delivered to us…on a sculpture.  Check them out below:


I mean, aren’t they incredible?

Friday Impeccable Finds: Geoffroy Mottart flowers

And I thought my wedding day bouquet was amazing.  Hah!

Well, share this with your Mother, spread a little floral love onto a statue or sculpture this weekend, and bring a little flair to your community this weekend.  Or add a little spring by wearing this, this, this, this, or THESE!  (We may get a small commish, at no additional cost to you.)

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