For the love of books

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It’s no secret, we love books.

We would much prefer a hungover morning due to staying up all night long unable to put down a book than from one too many glasses of wine. Although getting together with other bibliophiles over a good bottle of wine ranks right up there on our perfect evening list.

Yet what we really love and it’s an addiction really, is the look of a book. Yes, we said it. We do judge a book by it’s cover. In fact we never met a coffee table that couldn’t use a big beautiful book to make it look it’s best. Conversation and beauty, how good is that!

This addiction is so bad. We literally might run out of room for all the books we collect. Every room has stacks and stacks. Books are one of the few things that we feel you just can’t have enough of.

In a world where so many things have gone along the wayside of being deemed too old fashioned, where we are all online and plugged in, we dare say, or hope, that books, those big beautiful designed books will always have a place in our hearts.

Here are a few that we can’t wait to get our hands on.

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