Flea Market Season is Open

What does spring mean to you?

Well, to us? Flea market season.

Flea Market Rug

Yes, that’s right. FLEA MARKET SEASON! It is the best time of year! Every Sunday, we load up our car (kids and all), and head out to some of our favorite places (Hollis Flea, Todd Farm, even the Elephant Trunk in Connecticut), we like to have a certain budget we work with and see how much awesomeness we can find for that amount.

Unlinke the west coast, we only get to enjoy this time of year for a certain amount of time, which is why we do it EVERY. SINGLE. WEEKEND.

Since we are eagerly awaiting the opening of flea market season (which was yesterday, but we had to stay home and enjoy an egg hunt with my girls…), but we did get to enjoy a quick antique fair last weekend to tide us over until this Sunday.

Here are some of our finds:
How great are these blueprints? Time to frame them!

Flea Market Blueprints

Always pick up a scale…they’re perfect for a kitchen.

Flea Market Scale

Vintage rugs and runners…they’re so hot right now.
Flea Market Vintage Runner 1 Flea Market Vintage Runner 2

A pretzel chair. FO REAL….$400. TIME TO BUY!

Flea Market Vintage Pretzel Chair Flea Market Vintage Painting

Pendelton blankets…a must for a cabin/rustic/lodge like environment.

Flea Market Vintage Pendelton Blankets

Get out and get hunting….that’s impeccable.

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