Impeccable Finds: Vintage rugs.

Vintage rugs can totally transform a space.


We are always on the look out for them. Last weekend we had a garage sale score! Four rugs for $500!  An awesome Turkish Dhurrie that we put in our dining room.  Another great vintage rug that we layered in our sunroom and two ridiculous runners (one is pictured above) that we are waiting to put in the perfect spot.

We gobbled them all up because they were too good to be true.

Yes, that’s what we do! To get those one-of-a-kind deals and steals we CANNOT wait until we have the client. It is nearly impossible to score these “finds” when we are in need.  So, we have to collect now. Not sure if this is the best business model, and we know our finance-minded design hubby, would tell you a declarative “Nope.”

But, whatever.

We follow the design where ever it leads us.

Here are a couple of our awesome vintage rugs that we have in our house.  And our favorite rug was only $60.  Exactly…you can’t beat that.

So why vintage?

First, what types of rugs are we talking about when we talk vintage?

Kilim, Persian, Orientals, Turkish, Moroccan, rugs done by hand by masters over the centuries.

That’s what we are talkin’ about. For more vintage inspo, take a look here.

If you are ready to shop now, here are some we love:


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