Featured Designer? Of Course!

Ooops, we did it again. This time as a featured designer.

Yep, we swore we wouldn’t do the One Room Challenge again, however…we got an email from Linda, the creator of the One Room Challenge, inviting us to be a Featured Designer. EEKKK! How exciting is that!

New to the One Room Challenge? Well, here’s a primer:

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“Beginning in 2011 with the desire to finally finish ONE room in her home, Linda had the idea to motivate herself and a small group of online friends by setting up a challenge to work along side one another with the goal of having one finished room. She titled the event One Room Challenge®, as it became evident that staying focused on one room, from start to finish, was indeed a challenge. 

Today, the bi-annual event showcases twenty designers/influencers vetted and selected by the ORC team. The first Wednesday of every April & October marks the start of another exciting season guaranteed to inspire, entertain, and inform the audience of new ideas and trends in the world of home design.”

And we are one of the featured designers! 

Kim Emma Impeccable Nest

If you’re new here, we are Impeccable Nest; a mother-daughter interior design team, who happen to live in a multi-generational household. We have dipped our toes in the One Room Challenge the past few years in an effort to finally decorate some spaces of our own in our new home. We moved into our home three years ago, and had to get started on some of the boring projects, but we knew we needed to make a few spaces special. Finished. And that’s what we have been working on over the past few years, alongside running our Design firm, and raising a family.

We’ve had the absolute pleasure of participating in One Room Challenge before as a guest participant, both time with a bathroom. (Fall 2019 |Spring of 2020 ll Spring 2021). Each year, Linda -the ORC Creator- and the Better Homes and Gardens team, select two guests participants as Featured Designers for the next ORC event…Hello!!!!

So this year, we are kicking it off together for the Fall 2021 ORC. Since we still live in the land of COVID, the One Room Challenge will be eight weeks to give folks time to actually get product with long lead times in the design industry and safely complete projects for those who will use contractors. And let me tell you, we need all 8 of those weeks!

Our One Room Challenge Space(s)

This One Room Challenge, we’re renovating a bedroom…and a bathroom…and a closet too. It’s a challenging space. There are layout issues, space restrictions, and we can’t wait to see what happens once we open some walls.

Screen Shot 2021 09 28 At 2.59.20 Pm

What Problems Do We Need to Solve in this One Room Challenge?

Since we thought we were all done with ORCs…a room definitely needed some attention. We aren’t just trying to make a room better, just to make a room better. Rather, we have a problem space that must get some attention.

We are renovating Gpa’s space. Gpa is my grandfather, Kim’s father, who also lives with us, but his room is getting the royal treatment with this years ORC. It’s been one of the last rooms standing in our home…it hasn’t quite received our special touch, but something happened recently that is forcing us to renovate the space.

Why now?

Well…his room consists of 3 main spaces: Bedroom, Bathroom and Massive Closet. The closet is half the size of the bedroom (it’s ridiculous…follow us on instagram for more on that!), the bedroom is poorly designed because you only have about 14″ to walk around the bed before running into the corner of the bathroom. And if those aren’t two big problems, the problem became the bathroom. Tiles have started to fall of when Gpa was in the shower. And by tiles, we mean like 1/3 of the wall!

It’s time to address some of these very real problems.

Bedroom Problems

Screen Shot 2021 09 28 At 2.59.27 Pm 1
Screen Shot 2021 09 28 At 3.15.11 Pm

A place to sleep: Ultimately, it’s a space for Gpa to go to bed. We don’t need anything too over the top, but we do need enough space to walk around the bed to get from one side to the other. Plus, it has NO personality. There is space available to takeover from the closet in back, and still have a great sized closet. This will be a primary bedroom space, but it doesn’t need to be over the top large. Modesty would fall in line with the rest of our home.

Closet: Just watch our insta-stories to see more about this. It’s a massive storage closet. It’s become a dumping ground for all things holiday, fabrics, seasonal, etc…and it’s taking up useful real estate.

Brighten and lighten: Even though it’s just a sleeping space, it’s time to make it feel lighter and feel more inviting. The current furniture is very heavy looking (and heavy too!), but it doesn’t feel like much. More like a random grab bag of golf memorabilia from a Country Club sale.

Lighting: There is terrible lighting here. No overhead light, and one switch that works the one lamp. However, there are amazing windows, but they aren’t really celebrated. We are also going to introduce lower eye level light in this space and creative solutions for the window drapery to maximize on light. Honestly, if you’ve been with us for a while, you know we will illuminating this space to the max.

How about that bathroom?

The bathroom has a completely different set of problems that need to be solved. From an awful corner shower, a sink that doesn’t drain properly, and tile falling off the walls, we definitely need to update and make this primary suite over.

Screen Shot 2021 09 28 At 3.15.17 Pm

Aesthetics: AHHHH!!! What was at first “charming” has turned into a nightmare. We are NOT fans of corner showers. We are also not fans of an all black, enclosed shower, with some terrible shower door from the 70s. There are uneven floors too…Time to take it down to the studs, and start with a clean, blank slate. I mean, the black tile has started to fall off the walls when my Gpa showers. (That’s embarrassing to even admit).

Vanity: Its terrible. Actually, it’s worse than terrible, and since we don’t have a real “primary suite” space in our home, it’s time to create one. Starting with a double sink. And storage.

Storage: This bathroom has no storage at all. The only storage is in the sink vanity. And in fact, the sink is downright scary, and honestly? It’s awful. It MUST be changed.

Hang space: Yikes! There is not enough space…and we aren’t fans of a towel bar.

We definitely have a TALL ORDER…follow along for the next 8 weeks to see our progress. And…

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