Father’s Day Gift Guide: Deep down he wants to be a cool dude.

Stumped on what to buy your special guy for father’s day.

I know it’s hard. Yet we think that deep down they all want to be that cool dude. So here is a cool dude gift guide. Is your guy cool enough?

Birkenstock Sandals: OK I know mandels aren’t exactly the shoe for every man yet maybe this  rubber version will be just the thing to get your dude into them. So affordable at $35 bucks, they are great for summer since they just rise off, no fuss. Oh so cool. http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/brknstck-arzna-rubbr

POP and TOT T-shirt: This is Insta to die for! http://www.tosanknowsbest.com

Surf Shack: ok this coffee table book may be more for us than for him. http://www.huckberry.com

Locals Only Trucker hat: everyone is a local from somewhere and being a local is cool. Plus he needs to protect that cabeza from the sun as he gets older so its a loving gesture with a cool vibe. http://www.aviatornation.com

Ray-bans: we know this is a must have for our sexy beast. And you can’t have too many pairs, think Robert Redford and Paul Newman. The classic cool dude look. http://www.ray-ban.com


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