Elizabeth Hay creating pattern perfection

We recently discovered Elizabeth Hay Designs.

Oh my, her work is amazing…and she’s based in Singapore.

Take a look.

Screen Shot 2021 01 05 At 12.36.48 Pm
Screen Shot 2021 01 05 At 12.34.43 Pm

  1. This light is totally giving us the right vibes to channel our inner Elizabeth Hay.
  2. And how about this? Wouldn’t this be perfect for a patterned space? Or this?
  3. It’s a brand new day!!!! Can you believe it! We feel like we can finally breathe…and it’s been so long.
  4. Now that we have made it through to the other side, we are desperate for a vacation. Wouldn’t this be perfect to wear? or this? Or this???
  5. Something we’ve also been enjoying is an evening cocktail hour. We are really enjoying an evening martini. Especially in a vintage glass.
  6. Speaking of glasses...did we tell you? We received a beautiful set of Estelle Colored Glass wine glasses. They’re gorgeous and worth every single penny.
  7. You’ll also want some great wine to drink in those glasses too…have you heard about Scout & Cellar? We’ve recently become members, and have enjoyed the monthly delivery. Even if you aren’t a wine drinker, shouldn’t you enjoy beautiful glasses too!
  8. Seriously though, we’ve got travel on the brain and Elizabeth Hay is making our day with her designs. So, we can either daydream and vicariously live in her spaces, or…create an impeccable space of our own. Contact us today and let’s design.

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