Easy Armoire Makeover

A client hired us to help create a charming nursery nook in their master bedroom.

One objective for this nursery nook was storage. Our client used cloth diapers and had a system to help her but she wanted an attractive way to store them.

Many ideas were pitched yet one idea, an armoire was exciting to her. We offered that consignment shops often have many great armoires to choose from, and she was game.

So, we took to the consignment shop.

An old armoire, shown below:

The armoire is well made and beautifully carved. Yet, we had an idea for an armoire makeover…that the homeowner could do themselves. And you know what? It’s absolutely perfect for a little baby boys space.

Here’s the idea: take out the panels, and add a charming blue and ivory gingham fabric inset. Much like the beautiful armoires found in France or Italy, this one is definitely one that will last for years in this family household.

Screen Shot 2020 01 07 At 1.42.29 Pm
Add Fabric panels like this.

This DIY is certain to make an impact on this growing family’s home and living sitch…here’s one of our all time favorite DIY’s we did in our old home. It was a gamechanger. Sometimes the smallest and simplest ideas can make the BIGGEST impact in a home.

Here are some great storage ideas for your home to house all the kids things:

And if you want someone to go shopping with, we are currently offering a couple of local shopping days (local to Southern New Hampshire), and can’t wait to meet you!

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