Easter ideas found at Cost Plus.

We love Cost Plus.

Yes, we have such a long history with Cost Plus (or World Market for those new to the bandwagon).

Every year before Easter, we have had a long history of going to Cost Plus (as its referred to on the West Coast) and raiding the aisles to fill our Easter baskets with their super cute finds. When we moved to the East Coast, we forgot about this awesome store and all of the awesome items we loved…until recently.

Yes, Cost Plus came EAST!  To New Hampshire!

Have you been? No?!?!?

You are missing out!

It is a store filled with home decor items (at great prices, some trends, but definitely gives that special layer that all homes need), food, wine, kids toys, and other decorative items you may (or may not need).

They have tons of stuff to help you get your act together for the holidays.  Are you hosting Easter at your house?  Well, giddy up, because you ain’t got nothing until you see what they have on the shelves.  Get ready to make your home pinterest perfect this year. Here’s some great things to help get you on your way:

For the Easter Table:

Need a new basket?  Here you go…

Here are some of our favorite furniture finds to up your interior game for the season too:

Here’s some of the fun items we found…I’m sure people will recognize some of their Easter treats!!

It’s time for you to go…RUN don’t walk to the nearest Cost Plus.  And if you’re in New Hampshire, get down to Salem today: 290 South Broadway Salem, NH

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