STOP!!!! Don’t buy Target curtains!

Seriously. Don’t buy curtains at Target.

We love us some Target but they seem to only carry curtains that are 84″ long. Almost no one has ceilings low enough for these to work. Most people have 8 foot ceiling and need 90″ length drapery. It’s a shame too, because you can get so many amazing home decor items at Target.

It is not that we are against store bought ones, either. We get it. They are expensive. Yet, unless they start carrying 94″ length, keep on walking. They just WILL NOT WORK!

For example:

Don't buy Target curtains!

So, how long should your curtains hang?

Great question.

A good rule of thumb (for most conditions), is that they should just kiss the floor.

Sure, there is the puddled look and the float. Both of which are perfect, IF you know what you are doing. If you want a go-to length that everyone can do, the “kiss” is the best. It means exactly what you are thinking. The curtain just “kiss” or touch the floor. Not so lightly as to cause a space, yet not so much as to make a break in the fabric.

Don't buy Target curtains!

Now that we have convinced you above the length of curtains. Here are a couple more tips for hanging curtains:

  1. Curtains should hang 2/3 the distance between the ceiling and the window. Do NOT hang them directly above window.
  2. Curtain rods should extend 10-12″ on either side of the window. Do NOT hang them the same width of the window.
  3. The curtain should be at least 1.5 width for panels.  If they’re less, they look dorky and unintentional.  Drape with intention.

Now let’s look at how great curtains make a room look, shall we?

Need help creating your drapery dreams?  Let us know…we would love to help you.  Otherwise, start here if you can’t commit to a drapery design.

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