Friday Impeccable Finds: DIY pompom sandals

It’s Fri-YAY and we’re talking POMPOMS!!


And, its been awhile since we posted a great DIY project.  But you know what?  This awesome weather that we’ve had the past few days, coupled with allergy season has us jonesin’ for summer.  So, we needed to find something to keep us busy…inside. Until the pollen count gets lower.

Well, guess what?

Pompoms are what the Doctor ordered.  We found JUST what we were looking for!  (And didn’t even know it!) We just found this and this, and this on Honestly WTF. 

Friday Impeccable Finds: DIY pompom sandals

But for reals…

We love summer, and cannot wait to get our feet into some super cute summer slides.  Maybe you’re the DIY type, or maybe you’re not.  Either way, we think you’ll LOVE these cuties this summer.  Here’s a few we’ve found (for the non-DIY type, or DIY-dropout/epic failure!).  If you buy here, we get a small commish at no extra cost to you.  I’m digging the goldies with pink pompoms on the top row!

So, shake your pompoms, make some tassel earrings (even if they were so last year…insert eyeroll emoji here), and get into the summer groove.  In fact, we’ve talked about our love for pompoms before, and how hot they are.  Check it out.

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