Painted Floor Rugs, an Impeccable D.I.Y

How we do rugs.

We love to paint floors.  And painted floor rugs. This habit was discovered by accident.


Our beloved dog Lulubelle would NOT stop eating our rugs. Although she has since passed, we had grown tired of the constant replacement factor. One Thanksgiving eve, instead of worrying about the turkey and the other fixings, we were much more concerned about our living room decor. The room needed a rug, furniture was just floating in the room.  The idea of a painted floor rug hit us like a ton of bricks.

What to do at 10PM on Thanksgiving eve? You know…what if we painted one.

We always have black paint, doesn’t everyone?
With a deep breath of determination and a simple stripe pattern, we grabbed tape and brushes and pulled an all-nighter.
Thankfully, our guests arrived to feast their eyes on our newest creation.


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We love the bold statement our late night DIY made on our otherwise boring, builder grade colonial home.  We are always looking for ways to customize our space and make it unique and this DIY is just another way to leave your mark.  Although, you have to be pretty certain that it’s going to look good, or that you can live with it until you can change it.  However, a big dose of confidence helps too. No worries, we did get the turkey cooked, too.

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