Dipped-dyed walls: Not a half-baked idea.

Dipped-dyed is all the rage this summer.

It’s fun. It’s simple. We’ve seen it done with pillows, furniture, practically everything. Literally, dipped-dyed takes the pop of color concept literally!

Dipped-dyed walls Dipped-dyed walls Dipped-dyed walls Dipped-dyed walls Dipped-dyed furniture

How about dipped-dyed walls? Or more accurately, what about half painted walls. This trend is all about having fun, to give your wall the look like it has been dipped in paint. I mean it’s just paint, so why not! At least give it a try. Although this is a no rules application. Safe way to go is to use darker tone on lower half and a neutral or lighter tone on the upper half. The line can be either sharp or faded, ombré like. For a casual feel you can let the line be intentionally sloppy. Colors can be high contrast, black and white or go for a more subtle moody vibe. This is your opportunity to be creative. We love how this application really draws your eye and your focus. Just let your walls become your canvas.


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