5 things Friday: What we’re digging.

5 things Friday is here!

So, here’s what we are currently digging.

What we're digging.

Cecelia New York ‘LIV’ with pom pom

Not sure how we stumbled upon these lovelies, heck how do we stumble upon any of this? LOL. But wow, what fun! 2017 has really been the year of the pom pom and these shoes prove it! In a really cool way. What a way to dress up your boring work attire, a pair of jeans, or that cocktail dress. These shoes are magic.

Millennium Lighting 3254-RBZ 4-Light Pendant

We have been putting this EXACT lantern light in many of our projects lately. It is gender neutral and it has worked for our bachelor pads and it is so chic that all of our cool mommas have been lovin’ the look too. It has drama, makes an impact, and oh so classic. A real scene stealer in any room. Seriously ANY room, bathroom, kitchen, reading nook, or hall. We are starting to wonder why we don’t have one in our home.

What we're digging.

Stone Tassel Earrings

We’ve talked about these over the summer in a DIY post so hopefully you all have made some for yourselves. But these darlings have been going strong. What a great way to dress up an outfit of t-shirt and jeans than a pair of these dangling from your lobes. Super fun and definitely not just for summer fun. Ward off these winter blues with a few of these colorful cuties.

 What we're digging.

2018 planner

No matter how much we use our computer, nothing beats a good old fashion day planner. Some things will just not replace paper and pen. It is our bible. Our brain. 2018 simply can’t happen without our planner in hand. And maybe a glass of champs. Cheers!

What we're digging.

I mean did your current hair dryer send you a love note?

What we're digging.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, White/Silver

First, let us say, we did not receive this. Nor did we even know this existed until someone we know, got one for Christmas this year. And now we want one too. Yes, we love everything Dyson designs. When function and beauty come together, we are hooked every. single. time. We’ll wait until they come down in price, but it will be ours. It will be ours. Although, it might be a good idea to start blow drying our hair once in awhile before we shell out those clams. #aintgottimeforstylingmyhair

So Happy Friday. Hope you enjoyed our 5 things Friday! 

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