Designer Diaries: What’s HOT this Fall

This week we have a new series called Designer Diaries.

Guess what?  We received an email from a blogger friend we made earlier this year at the Design Blogger Conference. And…she asked us to share what we are currently crushing on for this fall.  You know, we ALWAYS want to share what we are digging with our friends and followers. So…of course we are going to share with you!  In fact, today’s Designer Diaries edition consists of 4 different interior designers, from 4 different areas of the country, sharing their picks.

We’ve spent a lot of time searching high and low for the newest, hottest trends to close out the year and put in your house.  Without further ado…

Here’s what we are digging now for this fall: (pssst…you’re probably going to want to hire us after this or our Fall Spruce it UP!)

Impeccable Nest Fall Picks 2017

Light/Wallpaper/Bed/Boots/San Miguel de Allende

Now, let us introduce Sara of Fine and Pink Interior Design.

Sara of Fine and Pink

“Sara Ehrentreu is an interior decorator and home stylist based in Los Angeles, CA.
Sara is known for her fearless mix of colors and patterns. She has helped numerous clients adopt a more vibrant and personalized approach to design.  As a mother of two young boys Sara understands the need for families to have multifunctional spaces that are both durable and sophisticated. Through the use of stain resistant fabrics, soft surfaces, and easy care upholstery pieces Sara ensures that the spaces are child friendly yet glamorous. 
In addition to full scale services, Sara  offers numerous design packages to help  busy clients refresh their living spaces. Through her process, Sara ensures that every project is an easy, enjoyable collaboration for the client and is only complete when a space has been styled down to the smallest detail.
Growing up in Montreal, Canada, Sara was greatly influenced by the french european culture and architecture around her. Sara studied interior design and product development at FIT and then honed her expertise in fabrics and furnishings through working as a buyer, display designer and manger for various luxury showrooms.
In 2015 Sara opened Fine & Pink (named after her two ridiculously chic  “nanas” Isabella Fine and Shirley Pink).”


Here are Sara’s picks for this fall…

Teal Decors And Furnitures Interior Design Photo Collage
Chandelier/ Art/Wallpaper/Perfume/Leopard Handbag


Here’s Estie (and her beautiful family!). And we cannot wait to meet her because we are definitely feeling her vibe.

“Welcome! I’m Estie, interior designer and mama of toddlers. This space is created as a lifestyle journal dedicated to interiors, style, and documenting the construction of our dream home. Creating beautiful living spaces is a passion of mine, since the space we occupy most of our time in becomes the backdrop to our lives! This year, we tool a giant leap — we’re becoming modern day pioneers and forging our own trail from Southern California to Houston, Texas. Join us!”

“Moving is nothing new to both me and my husband Kovi — we both came to America as young children, from Russia and South Africa respectively. If there’s anything our parents instilled in us, it’s the drive to achieve your dreams and be fearless about it! Now that we have children of our own, we felt the same way, so we bought some land to call our own! Now I’m living out my designer dreams by designing our own home from the bottom up. 
Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, I love the process of creating a haven that reflects its owners and pulls from various global influences cohesively, no two homes that I’ve worked on look alike! If your home needs a refresh, I’d love to work with you!
Initially trained in journalism and literature, my mantra was edit, then edit some more! I quickly realized that this translates to interior design and life at large, which is why curating a beautiful lifestyle is so important to me. In a world where life can quickly become a blur, I find that small rituals, meaningful objects, and loved ones surrounding you creates true fulfillment. Want better, not more!”

Now, here’s what’s HOT in Estie’s world this fall:

Estie's Picks

Dinner Plate/Candle/Pendant/Tea/Sofa

Here’s Stephanie of Ambience Inspired Interiors another blogger friend we met (virtually) from our friend Sara. Check out her blog! She just followed the ORC (One Room Challenge) and did an awesome job renovating her dining room!  According to her Stephanie…

“I’ve always loved pretty things and really enjoy the creative process of taking someone’s needs and style and presenting them with a solution that matches both. I love getting to know my clients and getting into their heads to find out what makes them tick.  (Which is really great for me too, since I love so many different styles; bringing many different looks to life, and that feeds my creative fire.)  Being a people person too,  this line of work is just the best possible fit for me. I am so lucky. I really, really love what I do. The cherry on top? Some of my BEST friends started out as clients.  No pressure.

I started Ambience Inspired Interiors in 2001, so I bring many of years of experience to the table. I like to make the design process enjoyable and aim to take most, if not all, of the intimidation out of the process.  My goal is to make you a happy camper, so I treat you like I’d want to be treated if I were calling me for help.  I have access to things that the general public does not, so when it’s time to make a unique space. I have a gob of resources at my disposal. It’s cool.”


Here are Stephanie’s picks for fall:

Fall Favsies


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