Design Trends. What’s Hot and what’s not in 2018


2018 Design Trends

Looking to bring your house into 2018?  Look no further…

2018 Design Trends

Here’s what we see as this year’s top trends for your home.

1. Wallpaper.

We know, we know.  We are constantly raving about wallpaper, and just how awesome we think it is.  And we go into many clients meetings that shudder at the thought or offer of putting wallpaper up.  Time’s up on your tired, painted walls.  Time to think of wallpaper as a classic mural, or large scale art installation in your home.  Ranging from bold and graphic, to floral chintz and everything in between.  There is a wallpaper for you and your home, and a special place for you to put it.  If you’re really adventurous and daring, go dark…outside the box.

2018 Design Trends

2.  Tile:

Just like wallpaper, this ain’t yo momma’s tile anymore.  In our travels, and client meetings, it is time to upgrade and change out the peach tile of the 1990s AND travertine tile of early 2000s.  Whether you decide to paint over it (see our dope laundry room reno (on a DIME!) for inspo), or replace, these tiles are going to warm up your home.  Think timeless and classic, not trendy.  And we have a new design crush that is totally amazing this year: Leanne Ford of Restored by the Fords on HGTV.  They’re seriously our jam

2018 Design Trends


This year was meant to go bold.  Gone are the tired looks of (timeless and classic) kitchens, and welcome rich and warm rooms.  Think hickory cabinetry, dark charcoal color cabinets.  Emerald green.  Don’t get us wrong, we love white interiors, or interiors with great contrast (think black and white), however we are dying for some color! (See our reasons for adding wallpaper.)  Check out these images for ways to include color in your home this year.  Don’t be afraid to be moody, or use this year’s color of the year.

2018 Design Trends

4. Nature and Natural Elements:

Definitely one of our favorites, and has been on the design scene for a few years (thank you Fixer Upper).  Clients want stone and wood elements to be added to their custom projects.  Heck, we even brought in large wood beams into our personal kitchen renovation last year!  Lauren Liess, one of our FAVES!, totally owns this look.

2018 Design Trends

As always, don’t be afraid to give us a call and see how we can help you create a bitchin, timeless and amazing interior you will LOVE to call home.  We do it all from a simple styling service, kitchen and bath design, to full on renovation.

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