Design Travel: The Color Factory NYC

The Color Factory is a not-to-be-missed exhibit!

Huh?  What is that?

The Color Factory is a collaborative interactive exhibit that debuted in San Francisco in August 2017 and it is now in New York City. We heard about this awesomeness from an Insta-guru and blogger, Gabrielle Blair of @designmom (she’s a mompreneur with six kids!). Well, come to find out,  duh, she comes from good DNA because The Color Factory is the brainchild of her sister, Jordan Ferney and so many talented others. Damn, that’s some good design genes happening in that family.

Anywho, this little pop up situation gave us just the thing to head on down to NYC. We have been missing our (at least) monthly visits when sissycat and her now-husband lived there. Now, we are without a sofa to crash on, but always a great excuse to get back to the hotel-motel vibe that this traveling show likes so well.  And Labor Day weekend was the perfect three days to head off to the Big Apple.

When we go to NYC, we like to pick a neighborhood and concentrate our stay there. Since The Color Factory was in Soho’s Hudson Square neighborhood, we picked a place close to where we wanted to go. Heck, who cares that when we pulled up to our ultra kool (yes, it was def cool with a K)  in our big beast Suburban, with New Hampshire plates and three kids in tow, that we felt un-model-like to stay at the hip Nomo Soho. No matter, this is how we roll. Just enough daylight to throw bags in the room and hit the town…AND back for bed before 10 pm. We might be in the city that never sleeps, we just don’t see much after 9pm these days.

Design Travel: The Color Factory NYC

Much to our surprise we wandered onto Prince street or little Italy. We couldn’t believe that we had never been there before…and just like that we knew exactly what we were having for dinner. When in Rome…it’s pasta!

Th next morning, after a breakfast at the charming Tiny’s and the FLUFFIEST stack of lemon ricotta pancakes, we headed out to find The Color Factory. You have to purchase tickets online and you have a scheduled arrival time. This weekend marked the adventure with two newly appointed photographers in the family, so it was going to take us a bit more time to get from one point to another. The girls love to take photos and often mimic us, “this is so Instagammable” and try to wrestle our iPhone’s from us to get that perfect shot. So now they had their own cameras to document their travels.



From this point on, we will let the pictures do the talking…although from the moment you enter you are greeted by multicolor streamers over head, delicious moochi treats and basically you move from room to room at your own pace, playing, learning, exploring this colorful, playful, totally interactive exhibit with treats and surprises around every corner. Young and old will get lost in the experience…and the ball pit.

When you leave the exhibit they give you a treasure map to explore the surrounding area for other color experiences. We love New York most anytime, but this exhibit really made this trip particularly awesome…even design hubby had a blast (not that he doesn’t have a blast with us always). Let’s just say, he is sometimes skeptical when we say this is going to be good, just trust us.  Once he gives in, he is usually glad he did, despite all the crazy. Or because of all the crazy that is. Isn’t that right, design hubby?

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